MinnPost Picks: on the Amazon Labor Union, an Ivy League school that turned on a student and an endearing gay love story

5 April 2022

Amazon Workers in Staten Island Clinch a Historic Victory, Labor Notes

This was a great way to learn what the organizers of Amazon Labor Union did in their unionizing effort on Staten Island, and how they were thinking immediately after their election victory.
—Jonathan Stegall, user experience engineer

How an Ivy League School Turned Against a Student, The New Yorker

When universities accept students due in part to a student essay about their poverty or abuse, the point is to give a break to a kid who had it rough. Determining who counts as vulnerable, though necessary, can be an ugly business, as this fascinating and heartbreaking New Yorker story details.
—Solomon Gustavo, local government reporter

Our Flag Means Death, HBO Max

When I started Our Flag Means Death, HBO’s new series starring Taika Waititi and Rhys Darby, I thought it was a very funny show about a group of bumbling wannabe pirates. And it is. But I was happily surprised when it also became a tender, endearing gay love story that queer audiences have been begging for. Unlike so much media featuring queer storylines, the characters’ sexuality isn’t the conflict. It’s the gayest show on TV right now, and it’s pure joy.
—Laura Lindsay, membership manager

The ‘coasting’ workers who’ve checked out of their jobs, BBC

While the U.S. has been experiencing the Great Resignation and a rise in unionizing during the global pandemic, Alex Christian has a piece on another subset of workers: coasters. A January study by Gallup shows half of employees say they’re neither engaged nor disengaged at work. While some may be working 30 hours for a 40-hour paycheck, for others, who feel overworked and burned out, coasting has allowed them to slowly recharge while still getting their work done at a more gradual pace.
—Corey Anderson, creative director

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