What Are The Stories Behind The Most Popular Superstitions?

13 May 2022

MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) – This coming Friday is the only Friday the 13th in the year of 2022.

So, what are the stories behind some of the most popular superstitions? Good Question.

Friday the 13th

Some historians believe this superstition can be traced back to Norse mythology. Others believe it might be connected to the Last Supper, which was attended by Jesus and 12 apostles. The next day, Good Friday, was the day Jesus was crucified.

It was likely further cemented by a 1907 book called “Friday the 13th,” written by T.W. Lawson. It’s about a stockbroker who attempts to make money by starting a panic on Wall Street.

Walking under a ladder

Some believe this tale is also based in Christianity, though it may have started thousands of years earlier with the ancient Egyptians.

The thought is that the space between the ladder and the wall is the home to good and evil spirits that should not be disturbed. In the telling of the Christian story, the triangle created by the ladder represented the triangle of the Father, Son and Holy Spirit. Disturbing that triangle meant an association with the Devil.

Breaking a mirror

This superstition could stem from the idea that a mirror gives us a look at ourselves and ultimately our souls. Breaking the mirror could break a soul.

Knocking on wood

This tale could be connected to ancient Celtic traditions. Celts worshipped trees and believed they were home to the gods. Touching the wood could provide protection.

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